Aluminum cutting?

New user here.
We have had our Maslow up and running for a couple weeks now. It cuts as expected, no complaints at all.
I work in a small boat yard and i’m constantly cutting HDPE and MDF to different shapes by hand. So far, so good, Maslow has proven useful and my boss is happy. Now i want to see if I can push it a little further. We cut thin, soft aluminum shapes to make gas tanks. Does anybody have experience with this? I’m looking to cut shapes out of 5052 1/8 thick aluminum

Maslow is designed to cut wood and some plastics, which are more forgiving in terms of router rpm, bits and ipm. You’ll need to be much more precise with aluminum on these parameters.

I’m not sure I’d dare try it for myself (given the price of aluminum), but I know it’s been done successfully.

Here is an example from a Maslow user cutting thin aluminum->Youtube video link

Video description:
0.040" (5/128) aluminum sheet (6061 T6) - 1/4" single flute bit - 400mm/min (15ipm) - 12,000rpm - 0.5mm (~0.020") step-downs - WD40 to lubricate the cutter.

Another example :point_down: this time cutting 20mm (.787in) thick - 0.5mm per pass

video link


Wow! This looks promising. I will practice on scrap aluminum until I get the settings just right.
Thank you very much.