Kit preferences?

Hi. Wich kind of maslow do you prefer and why. I am tempted by a kit what do you guys think

My original works fantastic. no issues if you put it together properly.

I bought the $350 kit and the Makita router bracket from about 2 months ago. Built a modified m2 style frame and got a linear rail, 60/20 tooth gears for 3:1 on a 16” solid oak custom sled. Tight squeeze in my shed but she does well for me. The touch probe and relay are a must.


I have the original with the meticulous z axis and I use it daily with no issues

I have an original that I upgraded with the meticulous Z axis sled. Very happy with it

do you have a link to the z probe and relay you bought/used?

East bays shield has pinouts for laser probe and relay. The Probes really just 2 wires and an alligator clip, but here’s the relay I bought.

KEYHAO SSR 40DA Solid State Relay 40A,Input Voltage DC 3-32V Load Voltage AC 24-480V + Heat Sink…/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc…


Do you have a wiring diagram by any chance? Bought similar relay from Amazon and currently looking for a proper way to wire it.

Thanks in advance.

This diagram is from the Eastbaysource website, but it can be useful for other shields too, you just need to find the router pinout on yours.


Question: Is this a forum for a potential new vendor? Can existing vendors post here?
I kind of like the idea of more options :grinning:

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I just noticed this and have the same question.

Take note that this forum is a subdomain of the website “maslowcnckits
Most likely a new vendor will be joining the club.

Maslow cnc v5 coming soon!