Object placement from Easel to Ground Control

So we have FINALLY got it calibrated and ready to cut…first is a little test Batman. I have put it where I want it in Easel, downloaded the g-code and opened it in Ground Control. Aaaaand in GC it is not where I placed it in Easel. Any ideas as to why? Is it possible to move it in GC?

While in Ground Control click and hold your muse button down wherever you want your project to be, a menu will pop up after a couple seconds, then select “Set Home”

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I did set home in the lower left, and that brought the symbol down to the upper left. We cut it (YAY!) and then after it went home—to the lower left. I tried to send it back to center and now I keep getting the “sled can’t keep up” error.

The home position is arbitrary, there’s really nothing special about the center. If you want to restore the center to be home again you can.

The sled not keeping up issue feels unrelated to me. Is it still happening?

I reseated all the cables and that fixed THAT problem. Phew!

On to the newest problem. I did a test cut of the Batman symbol and it was great, just an 1/8” short of deep enough. So I load up what we are trying to cut (windows) and suddenly it’s cutting diagonally.

We have spent a few weeks now futzing with this thing and we are SO CLOSE to our final product…and every time it throws another wrench at us :roll_eyes: Any idea why it would start walking diagonally on the horizontal cuts?

Seems the left chain has skipped a tooth (or two) on the sprocket, try shortening it by moving the chain one tooth over the sprocket to the right and see if helps.

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It did jump on the last operation, come to think of it but it was the right motor I think. So to clarify, I’m moving the chain on the left hand motor so that it is shorter?

Got it, move the right side chain instead. One link over the sprocket to the right, this should make the right chain longer (distance from motor to sled)