Oval circles. What could be the problem?

Cutting problems, anyone know how to fix this.

Your calibration is off. I had random weird cuts like this before. Recalibrated one more time and things have worked since.

Oval circles and/or curved horizontal cuts are probably the result of inaccurate measurements taken during calibration between the motors.
Unfortunately, to solve this issue, the Maslow machine must be re-calibrated.

Slanted vertical cuts or skewed rectangles could be an indication that one of the chains is longer (or shorter) than it should be, and you may only need to re-set the chains rather than recalibrate the entire machine (if your Maslow was working properly before this issue).
The most common reason for this is when a chain link inadvertently skips a sprocket tooth while cutting.

I had an issue where it circles were squished like this. Do the recalibration that runs the left and right motor for the length of the chain. That is what fixed it for me.