Update Groundcontrol to EBS GroundControl 2022

Hi everyone!
Is there a way to update to GC 2022 without having to recalibrate?
My Maslow is very accurate, and I’d like to retain its current calibration.
I want to use the new s-commands option with a Chinese 500w spindle.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ground control stores its calibration values in a local file named groundcontrol.ini
The new installation will not overwrite this file, your current calibration should not be affected.


@Jatto is correct, your previous calibration values should persist. Also, don’t forget that the EBS firmware is also required for the S-commands to work

Previous parameters such as “Max Feedrate” will also persist. If you want faster cutting speeds (that are possible on the updated version), you will need to manually update this value.
To do so, launch Groundcontrol 2022, go to “Settings->Maslow Settings” (grey top bar drop-down menu) and click on “Advanced Settings”, then update “Max Feedrate” to 1050.

For users wanting to update but don’t mind re-calibrating or want to start fresh, delete the previous groundcontrol.ini file and proceed with a normal installation per EBS instructions.

  • On Windows machines the groundcontrol.ini file is located in your user home directory. Open “File Explorer” and type %UserProfile% then scroll down and delete it

  • On Mac computers press [shift-command-G] then [enter] and click on the folder with your user name, look for groundcontrol.ini and delete it (move it to trash)

For new Maslow users installing Groundcontrol 2022 for the first time, please disregard everything above and simply follow the EBS installation instructions.


Please forgive my ignorance. I’m in the midst of upgrading to gc 2022/EBS firmware and trying to avoid having to calibrate again, but a question comes to mind:

Isn’t the position of the sled saved in the control board/arduino? If so, wouldn’t it be lost once reflashed, forcing a re-calibration?


No, the position is stored in the Mega’s EEPROM and will not be overwritten or wiped when programmed (flashed).

Your existing calibration and position values will be migrated to the freshly installed software and firmware.